7 Days Promotion

Promo Period: Jan 15, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021

7 reasons to use Wing is the very special offer to all Wing account holders included both WingMoneyApp and USSD users who perform different services. 

7 reasons to use Wing will provide $0 fee of charge, and customers will have a chance to win a lot of prizes in the whole week. Customers will enjoy with the most exciting of the varieties products and services just in one app.

Promotion Period:

January 15, 2021 to December 31, 2021.


For Wing account users only

Offers and Criteria:

Prize and $0 fee charge will be offered by different types of services and days as below:

Monday Promotion: Free Utility Payment (Any amount of bill value)
  • For WingMoneyApp users only
  • Not limited transactions and amount of payment
Tuesday Promotion: $0 fee of charge on sending money abroad from Wing Money App (Up to USD500)
  • For WingMoneyApp users only
  • Limited 1 transaction for one user per day
  • Maximum $500 per transaction
  • Can send to all Wing’s partners
Wednesday Promotion: Enjoy free delivery with WingMall for every order
  • Unlimited transactions
Thursday Promotion: Free charge on Wing to Wing transfer
  • For WingMoneyApp users only
  • No limit transactions and amount.
Friday Promotion: Perform Bank to Wing from $50 stands a chance to win $20 in your Wing account
  • Offer 20 users per winning day
  • The winners are the receivers and randomly selected by monthly lucky draw
Saturday Promotion: Scan to pay WingPay at WingPoints merchants to receive $1 discount (for first 200 customers)
  • For first 200 customers per day
  • Applied to all WingMoneyApp users
  • Limited 1 transaction for one user per day
  • Amount of payment: 2.5$ and above
Sunday Promotion: Top up on your phone number with Wing and stands a chance to wing 100% cash back
  • Minimum top up is $2 per user and maximum top up is $5 per user
  • For all mobile operators both PIN & PINless
  • Offer 30 users per month and the winners will be selected by monthly lucky draw
  • Applied to both WingMoneyApp and USSD users