About Wing

Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank is Cambodia's leading mobile banking service provider. Launched in 2009, Wing is committed to providing financial inclusion to the unbanked and under-banked allowing every Cambodian access to services including local money transfers, bill payments and phone top-ups, online shopping and QR payment, as well as instant international money transfer from more than 200 countries.

Wing remains at the forefront of the mobile money and electronic payment services market in Cambodia with 100% district coverage via a nationwide network with nearly 8,000 Wing Cash Xpress outlets. It has partnerships with more than 30,000 merchants and global industry leaders including Mastercard, Western Union, MoneyGram, WorldRemit. In addition, small and medium enterprises, as well as larger companies, are able to use Wing’s payroll and disbursement services, helping to further develop its payment ecosystem.



To provide every Cambodian with convenient access to mobile financial services relevant to, and for the improvement of, their daily lives.



    To engage and understand customer needs, provide best-in-class products and services and be responsive and quick in resolving queries.
    To provide an enabling work culture, where career aspirations can be realized through consistent performance and demonstration of the bank`s core values.

    To deliver robust and cost-effective mobile money services that promote financial inclusion, catalyze growth and reduce social inequalities.

    To demonstrate strong corporate governance standards that protect and balance shareholder interests in the journey to achieving short and long term business goals.

Core Values

  • Winning
    Our passion to succeed underpins our approach on how we do business. We do this with a “Can Do” mindset, high Integrity and accountability. The commitment to provide a quality service to our customers, the need to perform and get ahead keeps us focused on what’s important to our customers and partners.’
  • Innovation
    We believe in continuous improvement through the application of better solutions and meeting new requirements through technology. Here at Wing, we make sure that our products and services provide meaningful impact and convenience, and creates value to the daily lives of the people and community.
  • Nurturing
    We care for and protect our employees, customers, and partners while they grow with us. We help create an environment where everyone can think big, inspire and be inspired, and be motivated to contribute to the business. At the same time we deliver our very best to build a long-term, healthy relationship to our stakeholders, customers and to the community.
  • Growth
    In everything we do we always aim higher, from the development of our brand to growing new products and services. We believe in a long-term growth and sustainable value creation. We do this by having our customer, community and the country in mind.