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How to cash in directly to any Wing Account

All customers can now do direct deposit to any Wing account via Wing Agents by using our new “Cash In to WAC” feature.

This feature allows Wing Account users to receive money faster and conveniently since the cash will be directly Cash In to their account.

How to do Cash In to Wing Account through POS Machine:

  • Go to “Wing POS” Machine
  • Select “Bill Payment”
  • Select “Wing”
  • Enter customer information
  • Confirm transaction and proceed with PIN entry.
Cash-In to WAC


  1. What is this Bill Payment Cash In to WAC?

    - Customers are now able to Cash In to any WAC account via WCX.

  2. How much is the service fee?

    Amount (Rank)Customer Fee (WAC)Customer Fee WCX
    $0.025 - $50$0.10$0.30
    $50.01 - $100$0.10$0.40
    $100.01 - $500$0.20$0.75
    $500.01 - $1,000$0.30$1.00
    KHR100 - KHR 200,000KHR 400KHR 400KHR 1,200
    KHR200,100-KHR 400,000KHR 400KHR 1,600
    KHR400,100-KHR2,000,000KHR 800KHR 3,000
    KHR2,000,100-KH 4,000,000KHR 1,200KHR 4,000
  3. What are the daily transaction limits?

    - Minimum/Transaction: USD 0.025 or KHR 100

    - Maximum/Transaction: USD 1,000 or 1000

    - Transaction/Day: Unlimited

  4. In case I do a Cash In to a wrong account number, what should I do?

    - Please feel free to contact to our customer care center via 012 999 489 or 9989 (for Cellcard customer only) or 023 999 989.