About Me:

I am Senghorng Huon, from Kandal province.

I was actually a bachelor degree graduate in the field of business management; however, I started my career at Wing as a sales consultant before realizing my passion in the field of finance. After 5 years at Wing, I am now working as Finance Support Supervisor.

My Passion:

One of my favorite sport is table tennis since this sport requires the player to act quick and pay attention to the tennis ball. This type of sport also teaches you to understand the tricks that your competitor will use in order to win over you. From this sport, I learned to be flexible in every circumstance as well as working hard and smart in the work I do. Playing this sport has inspired me to use those experience to practice when fulfilling the job at Wing including how to handle many tasks and try to choose the best win-win decision whenever there is an urgent task.

My Opportunity

I started my career as an intern in the sale department of Wing before being recruited as a sales consultant. After….years at Wing, I switched my career as a finance support officer where I learnt new skills that is different from what I knew. Wing sees my potential in this field, which is the reason I get promoted to my current position where I supervise many subordinates and work together to ensure that all of our partners receive the payment on time.

About Wing

When it comes to Cambodia’s leading mobile banking service provider that is when the name "Wing" is mentioned. It is quite hard to explain in person, but it is what you do every day that make you feel that you are making impact to the daily lives of Cambodian people through the financial services provided by Wing. Wing is a company that has a lot of room to grow bigger and they also need a lot of human resource for the company to reach this goal.

My Advice

Take the challenge, be smart and let hard-work come out from your heart by your hand according to your knowledge. Do not be shy to submit your application to Wing and let this company grow you professionally.