Your family is always protected!

Wing in cooperation with selected Insurance partner(s) works together in providing value added benefits to inbound money transfer customers. The life insurance benefit is provided for free to the customers who send money from South Korea to their families in Cambodia into their receiver’s Wing Account. The customers can send money as normal through any of Wing International Money remittance partner in South Korea and will get the insurance worth $1,000 to protect their family financially in case of accidents or misfortune.

How to get:

  1. After you have sent the money based on the condition, you could apply for the insurance by going a link, or the QR code provided
  2. Then, fill in the required info.
  3. Click “Submit”


Free Life Insurance worth $1000, every time you send money to Cambodia and receive through Wing Account.


Customers who use Wing’s International Money Transfer Service from South Korea receiving thought Wing Account .

Validity: From Now until 30 June 19

Term and Condition:

  1. Only for customer who send money from South Korea to receiver’s Wing Account will be eligible.
  2. Customer must complete the digital application form provided by Wing (QR code).
  3. Customer is eligible for 1 insurance policy at a time based on the valid application.
  4. Customer can re-apply once the previous policy expires.
  5. This insurance policy is valid for 30days based on the e-policy letter provided by the insurance partner via e-mail.
  6. By using Wing Service, you hereby consent that some of your personal information provided can be used by Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank for any appropriate purpose.

Note:Successfully registered customers will get an email of the insurance policy no longer than 2 days after they have sent the money and applied for the insurance

For any inquiry, Wing partners shall tell the customers to contact directly to Wing Website, Wing Facebook Page, or call +85523999989

Frequent Asked Questions: