About Me:

My name is Chanchhayheng Soeung. I can say I am a technology geek since I was in high school back in my home town, Pursat province. The interest in IT started since that time as I spent most of my free time fixing the remote control though I had no idea how to fix it-all, I just wanted to know what are the things inside.

Chanchhayheng Soeung

In 2016, I graduated bachelor degree in IT from Norton University where I worked with my team to develop different types of software such as model hospital management system and game app. We were able to display those masterpieces at the school’s annual exhibition event. Such exposure also motivated me and my team to continue pitching new idea related to software until we won a Hackathon Award in 2016 through our prototype named “Pongkas”, an app allowing user to search for tyre-fixing place online.

Right after graduation, I worked as an intern before moving into a java developer at a microfinance institution. Currently, I am a software developer at Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specalised Bank.

My Passion:

As a technology expert, I tend to cope with the pressure from doing things differently.

Instead of relaxing from a whole day working, I always use my spare time playing online game since I find it beneficial in heightening up my soul and freshening up my mind. That’s how you cope with it mentally. While jogging does help me physically since my body would be healthy and strong from such exercise.

My Opportunity

I am glad I got to work at Wing, a company I knew since I was young – it’s like a destination that you get to work at your dream workplace and at the same time, helping to develop new technology for the benefits of Cambodia. Working at Wing allows me a greater chance to develop myself professionally since there are many exciting projects waiting for us to make it possible and I am glad I am part of this journey.

About Wing

Wing may look like a local company, but the work environment is as standardized as international company. For those who love working as a team, Wing is the best option for you. Working is never boring since you receive a good work-life balance – all these making day-to-day working at Wing as if you are at your home. “It’s a workplace where everyone work from their heart since they feel like home. I use to think that working in IT is stressful, but Wing has no longer made me feel so”

My Advice

I encourage that everyone work hard in everything they do, because hard work will pay you off one day. Not everyone who works hard is successful, but every successful person started from working hard. We need to understand the details and pay attention to the work you do so we will be able to do the work effectively and efficiently.