Retail Lending Specialist

Full Time Phnom Penh and Provinces Posted 4 months ago

Financial Institution

  • Maintain existing and build new clients in accordance with the guidelines in retail lending policies and its procedure.
  • Advising clients on suitable loan and credit options to ensure clients satisfaction and no risk to the bank.
  • Obtaining and assessing financial information, including financial statements and credit histories.
  • Process and write-up loan proposal and detail financial analyses.
  • Ensure timely submission of credit review and renewal prior to expiry date.
  • Manage late payment and work closely with loan recovery team to ensure successfully recovery of loan.
  • Conduct site visit during loan assessment process to obtain clear information about loan purpose of client’s loan application and ensure sufficient and acceptable clients collateral/security for the loan.
  • Prepare and execute loan contract agreement with clients and support for loan disbursement timely and accurately to fulfil client’s satisfaction.
  • Follow-up and regular site visits for loan utilization purpose and develop relationship with clients for further crossing selling.
  • Proper manage the loan portfolio to ensure timely payment.
  • Process registration title deed/soft title deed at cadastral officer/local authorities to acquire the legal evidence of client’s right to ownership of the property.
  • Keeping abreast of amendment to loan products, policies, lending procedures, and regulations to better meet clients
  • Bachelor degree in finance and banking, accounting or other related fields
  • Minimum 2 years of working experiences in banking and financial service industry, especially in credit department, business banking or relevant fields
  • Good understanding of business process and ability to analyses and interpret its financial statement
  • Good customer relationship management skill
  • Understanding of the credit assessment process
  • Good analytical and problem solving skill
  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently as a team and individually
  • Enable to work under pressure to deliver/compete/challenge assigned tasks with deadline