WOW! You now have chance to win many prizes from My Boy through Wing Money App

Promo Period: Nov 18, 2020 to Mar 31, 2021

The more you drink, the more your win! Let’s get a taste and grab prizes from My Boy now! Chance to win many prizes by entering 9 codes into Wing Money App from the back of can label. Winners can claim the prize and send​ into their own Wing account instantly & directly.
Promotion period:

From now on till 31st March 2021

How to win?
  • Find 9 codes at the back of can label
  • Click on “Transfer” on your Wing Money App
  • Enter your 4 PIN codes
  • Click on “Code to Wing”
  • Click on “My Boy”
  • Enter 9 prize codes
  • Tick on “I agree to the term & conditions” and click “CONTINUE” to reveal your prize

Prize: 0.5$ – 10$ (for Non-KYC)

Prize: 3000$ (for Full-KYC)