Opening Your New
Wing Bank Account

It's easy. Just go to any one of our nearly 10,000 Wing agent locations nationwide. You can open your account for either Khmer Riel or US Dollar.

Conveniently access your wallet with your 4-digit PIN code. Don't forget it! You'll need to enter your PIN whenever you make a transaction.

Don't forget your Wing Bank card whenever you need to deposit or withdraw money. You'll need to show it at over 10,000 Wing Cash Xpress nationwide.

To apply, you must have your own valid documents as below:

  • National ID Card, or
  • National ID Card, or
  • Passport (including valid visa for foreigners), or
  • Cambodian driver’s licence, or
  • Government ID Card or Civil Servant Card, or
  • Monk Identity Card + Birth Certificate, or
  • Certified Employee ID Card + one of (Birth Certificate/Family Book/Residence Book), or
  • Identity letter from local authority confirming: Full name, Gender, Date of birth, Place of birth and Address of the customer including photograph. The photograph must be permanence attached and stamped.

Get your Wing Bank account now at one of our Branches!

Get started
with your account

When you register for a Wing account, you will be asked to define a new PIN from your phone. You'll need to enter this PIN to access your Wing account and complete any transaction on your mobile phone. Choose numbers that you can easily remember and that nobody else can guess.

To enter your Wing account and view the Wing Main Menu with your mobile phone, you will need to always follow these 3 basic steps:

  1. Enter *989#
  2. Enter your Wing account number (8 digits)
  3. Enter your own PIN number (4 digits)

You will then see the WING Main Menu. From here, you can choose what you want to do.

Your PIN Code

Your PIN code is made up of 4 digits. You'll need it to access your Wing account and all the services that involve your money. Remember that your PIN allows you to move your money and buy things with your Wing account. If you let somebody else know it, they'll have access to your money. That said, it's very important to keep it safe and secret at all times.

How to keep your secret number safe:

  • Never share your PIN with anyone
  • Never write it down for anyone to see
  • Never show it to anyone
  • Never keep it with your Wing Card

How to change your Wing PIN in your mobile phone for the first time:

  1. Enter *989#
  2. Enter your Wing account number (8 digits)
  3. Enter the PIN number (4 digits) that you find on the scratch card
  4. Enter your new secret PIN number
  5. Re-enter your new PIN number to confirm

The PIN is now yours. Keep the scratch card, it will be needed for the PIN change of the ATM card.

How to change your Wing PIN at ATM for the first time:

  1. Insert Wing card
  2. Choose “Language”
  3. Enter PIN
  4. Choose “Other Services”
  5. Choose “Change PIN”
  6. Enter old PIN
  7. Enter new PIN
  8. Enter new PIN again to confirm
  9. PIN successfully changed