June 3, 2019

Phnom Penh, 30 May 2019 – Prudential Cambodia has joined hands with Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank and Chevron to donate 70 road safety barriers to more than 17 schools across Cambodia, with an aim to promote road safety among school children in the Kingdom.

With more than 1,500 traffic fatalities recorded in 2018, traffic accidents continue to be a serious safety issue as well as a major social problem in Cambodia. Traffic accidents also result in thousands of injuries and physical disabilities which may affect the victims’ prospects for work and ability to make a living. According to industry experts, Cambodia suffer losses of up to $400 million every year due to damages caused by traffic accidents, affecting the financial well-being of families and the country as a whole.

The donation is part of Prudential Cambodia’s country-wide community investment programme to safeguard the safety of Cambodian children, the country’s next generation and future leaders, during their journey between home and school. More than 500 school children in Kandal province are expected to benefit from this donation, which will see physical road barriers being placed on major roads around their schools.

“The donation is in line with the company’s commitment to promoting road safety and helping reduce traffic accidents across the Kingdom. Children are a key pillar of Cambodia’s future, and protecting their safety helps support the long-term and sustainable development of our country,” said Mr. David Nutman, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Cambodia.

At the donation event which took place at Tepbronom Primary School, Mr. Vattanak Phakdey Chun, Enterprise Business Director of Wing said that the bank is honored to take part in this CSR project. “’Working Together for Cambodia’ is the bank’s CSR motto, and this motto is lived out through our scope of CSR activities, which include financial literacy, entrepreneurship, education, and the environment. Wing believes this road safety barrier project will make significant contributions to building a greater future for Cambodian children,” he added.

Mr. Sovathara Som, representative of Chevron Cambodia says, “We are proud to be part of this CSR project as road safety is one of the core pillars of Caltex. We have a strong commitment to ensuring a smooth and safe journey not only for our motorists but for all Cambodians, whether in main cities or in the provinces. As a company that believes in protecting people and environment, safeguarding Cambodia’s children means safeguarding future of the country.