Wing & City Express Japan Partner to Ease Inbound Fund Transfers into Cambodia

March 30, 2021

Wing-City Express Japan Partnership Allows Cambodian Workers in Japan to Send Funds Instantly – Supporting Families Throughout Cambodia.

Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank, Cambodia’s leading mobile financial services provider, and City Express Money Transfer Japan Co., Ltd., one of Japan’s leading remittance companies, have formed an exciting partnership – providing improved financial services to all Cambodians living in Japan. Through Wing, this growing population can now send their hard earned money home to support their families, instantly, and to all districts of Cambodia.

“During the ongoing pandemic, it’s critically important we develop our cross-border transfer capacities to support the needs of our community,” said Manu Rajan, CEO of Wing. “Cambodian workers in Japan can now send their money home, even in a remote village, instantly.”

There are currently more than 10,000 Cambodians working in Japan. Through this partnership, they can visit any ATM and any branch of City Express Japan, and choose to send money through Wing. They will then receive an 8-digit code for their families to cash out in Cambodia, using any of over 9,000 Wing Cash Xpress agents.

“We believe this partnership will unlock our financial capabilities, providing better financial assistance to all Cambodians,” said Shrestha Mahesh Kumar, President & CEO of City Express Japan. “The strong networks of both companies will deliver instant and secure transfers, which is increasingly relevant to the Cambodian population in Japan.”

City Express Japan and Wing will use their combined financial capabilities for the good of the communities they serve. City Express Japan is committed to providing fast, reliable, and secure remittance solutions to customers through its network of global agents. Likewise, Wing’s vision is to provide every Cambodian with access to mobile financial services, through its nationwide network of Wing Cash Xpress agents.