“Wing Bank Visa Credit Card” & “Promotion” FAQ

  • 1. What is the promotion for Wing Bank Visa Credit card staff launch?

    “FAFF” Free Annual Fee Forever

  • 2. When does the promotion start and End?

    • Start Date: 3rd January 2022
    • End Date: Till further notice
  • 3. How many Visa Credit cards can each Wing Employee request with the “FAFF” benefit?

    • Each employee can get 1 Visa Credit Card (Primary)
    • Each employee can get an additional 1 supplementary credit card free of charge (Supplementary can be offered to the immediate family like spouse, parents, and children)
    • 2nd supplementary credit card will be charged the annual card fee according to the credit card pricing tariff.
  • 4. How much credit limit can I request?

    Each Wing employee can request the credit limit according to individual need or cap per the below table

    Job Level

    Card Type

    Credit Limit

    Annual Fee

    All Level

    Visa Debit Card

    Own Balance

    Free Forever

    Officer – Supervisor

    Credit Card - Gold


    Free Forever

    Associate Manager - Manager

    Credit Card - Gold


    Free Forever

    Senior Manager – Head

    Credit Card - Platinum


    Free Forever

    Deputy/Associate Director - Chief

    Credit Card - Platinum


    Free Forever

    DCEO – Division CEO

    Credit Card – Platinum/Infinite


    Free Forever

  • 5. What are the benefits of using a Wing Visa Credit Card?

    • Wing employees who hold Wing Visa Credit Cards will be eligible for the card benefits like our customers.
  • 6. Other Conditions:

    • All Wing Division Staff after completing probation are eligible to request Credit Card (Applicant).
    • Supplementary cards are to be issued to their immediate family like spouses, parents, and children who are over 16 years old and subject to the staff’s eligible credit limit.
    • The applicant must have his/her casa account to link for auto debit (Flexcube account only)
    • Any credit card application requires CBC checks and other credit assessments and is subject to rejection and lowering of the credit limit as per actual judgment by the credit assessment team.
    • The exceptional case requires approval from DCEO and the Head of Credit Management.
    • The applicant must submit the credit card application form with NID/Passport and Staff ID card.
    • The applicant must be liable for his/her own use of credit card and acknowledge the fee and charge as the fee table stated.
    • The applicant is billed individually and required to do the repayment on time (before the statement due date) and is responsible to pay any card transaction fees(s) as per credit card pricing table.
    • Management reserves the right to waive, amend, or vary any conditions(s) or introduce additional condition(s) or recall any benefits as it deems fit without having to assign any reason thereof.
    • The Bank shall not be responsible for the charges incurred by the staff (or their supplementary card holders/s). The individual staff shall be liable for all charges incurred under the staff cards (including their supplementary cards). Staff shall authorize the Bank to settle any delinquency in payment of charges under the staff's card(s) (including supplementary cards) through deduction of staff's salary.
    • Resigned staff who ceases employment with the Bank may be considered to retain the same card (s) subject to the sole discretion and approval Head of HR. However, the card annual fee will be charged as a normal customer.