Wing Cash Xpress Agents Join Hands to Support Fire-Stricken Colleague

July 27, 2022

Wing Cash Xpress agents nationwide have donated to support a colleague whose home was consumed by fire.  

Wing is more than just a company – it’s a community, with Wing Cash Xpress Agents donating USD 6,955.06 to a colleague whose home was consumed by fire.  

The tragic incident occurred on 22nd May, in Kampong Speu province, but thanks to the Wing Cash Xpress Community Fund, formed in August 2021 to raise funds to locally support social causes, the donations were collected and delivered by Wing Bank representatives just 18 days later, on 9th June 2022.   

“The property that I and my wife worked for over 22 years, all destroyed in a night. What should I do next? The question loops on a never-ending reel to me.”, said Oeng Kimsrieng, a Wing Cash Xpress Agent-based in Kampong Speu province, and the unfortunate victim of the blaze.  

Thankfully, the whole family – husband, wife, and child, were evacuated safely from the flames through the front gate, and no one was injured.  

In response to the tragedy, Wing Bank also donated its own funds, an amount of USD 500 to provide immediate support.   

“I became hopeful and motivated seeing Wing Bank’s management team, and the Wing Cash Xpress Agents who came to help us,” said Kimsrieng.  

“We feel Kimsrieng’s loss and hope our small contribution can support his family during this trying moment,” said Chheangsreng Srun, Chief Consumer Business Officer of Wing Bank, in charge of Wing Cash Xpress Agent network management. “Not only are we business partners, but also one family.” 

Immediately after the fire, Wing issued an announcement to Wing Cash Xpress agents nationwide to mobilize funds through the Wing Cash Xpress Community Fund to support Kimsrieng. The donation was made until 6th June.  

A fellow Wing Cash Xpress agent, Seng Sokveng, personally donated USD 2,000 dollars to support Kimsrieng’s family. He said “I was shocked to hear the sad news. My contribution is not much, but this is my small act of giving. Kimsrieng is a generous agent who helped many people. He’s also a kind man who inspired me in my own career”. 

“Solidarity is critical in overcoming crisis situations. We’re extremely proud of our agents for their kind hearts, noble acts, and dedication to helping community members in need through the community fund,” said Chheangsreng.  

There are now more than 10,800 agents across every district in Cambodia, enabling the Wing community to rally around noble causes. Last year in September Wing Cash Xpress agents nationwide voluntarily raised approximately $45,000 in support of the Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation.

The agents not only provide financial services for all Cambodians but increasingly, they contribute their personal resources to help those in their need.