Wing donations help tuk-tuk drivers, tour guides

July 2, 2020

The families of some 700 tuk-tuk drivers and tour guides have received financial relief from Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank to help meet their daily needs as the Kingdom reels from a global economic crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Various donors have so far contributed a total of $21,016.70 to the relief fund.

“Receiving $30 is a proof that our difficulties have been well understood by Wing. This amount of money can buy groceries and help us feed our children for a month during these tough times.

“It is extremely heartening to feel that we are not alone,” said Kon Kan, who drives a tuk-tuk across Phnom Penh every day to support his family.

He added that he is finding it difficult to meet daily living expenses and repay loans with the coronavirus outbreak hitting the economy.

While many stores, coffee shops, restaurants and markets in Phnom Penh have been reopening, tuk-tuk drivers have seen a drastic reduction in passengers with people going out less.

With tourism severely impacted, tuk-tuk drivers and tour guides nationwide have lost a significant segment of their customer base.

“Before Covid-19, I could earn $25 per day on average. But yesterday – from morning until night – I only had one fare, and I need to pay for food and petrol,” said

Ros Sokun, a tuk-tuk driver visiting the Wing head office in the capital to receive financial relief.

Since the launch of the “Initiative to Support Communities in Need Amid Covid-19” campaign, 506 tuk-tuk drivers and 185 tour guides have visited Wing head offices in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap to receive support.

The funds, with which they can claim groceries with Wing merchant partners using a QR code, were transferred digitally into their Wing accounts.

“I am so thankful to all of our business partners and individuals for their contributions to this social cause,” said Manu Rajan, the CEO of Wing.

“I am sure that the relief we are providing now will help reduce the burden on your families during this tough time. Wing and our partners will stay with you and your families. Please stay strong and safe.”

Wing staff and customers, along with Wing Cash Xpress agents and employees of the Royal Group and its partners, have stepped up to support the charity drive, which aims to help alleviate the acute financial burden tuk-tuk drivers and tour guides have faced since April.

“Wing considers it our responsibility as the largest mobile financial services company in Cambodia to mobilise resources and people to help our communities during these difficult times. Alone we can help a little; together we can do much,” Manu said.

The relief Wing has provided communities is supported by The Phnom Penh Post.

Wing is accepting donations for this worthy cause until mid-July, and donations can be made through the close to 8,000 Wing Cash Xpress agents across the Kingdom or via its digital platforms and the Wing Money App – in riel with account number 032 10000, or 033 10000 for US dollars.