Wing Mastercard

You can use the physical Wing Mastercard® to eat, drink, and shop everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Plan your holiday, book your tickets, shop for your outfit, and start counting down the days to your dream vacation.

Experience a more hassle-free transaction with the physical Wing Mastercard. Get yours for FREE at Wing retail stores now!

Important business transaction? Transact and pay easily anywhere in the world with physical Wing Mastercard.


How to Apply

Follow these easy steps and instantly use your physical Mastercard

  1. Open a Wing account and request for the Physical Mastercard kit at retail stores.
  2. Download the Wing App.
  3. Cash-in at least $10
  4. Scan QR code on the manual to input the tracking number.
  5. Choose which Wing account to link with your card. Then, click confirm.
  6. Set your Mastercard PIN then input your Wing PIN.
  7. Swipe, pay, and have fun!

To apply, you must have your own valid documents as below

  • National ID Card, or
  • Passport (Valid visa included for foreigner), or
  • Cambodian driver license, or
  • Cambodian employment book, or
  • Government ID Card or Civil Servant Card, or
  • Monk Identity Card + Birth Certificate, or
  • Certified Employee ID Card + One of (Birth Certificate/Family Book/Residence Book), or
  • Identity letter from local authority confirming, Full name, Gender, Date of birth, Place of birth and Address of the customer including photograph. The photograph must be permanence attached and stamped on.

Get your FREE Wing account now at wing retail store.

Using Wing Mastercard comes with these perks.

  • 1

    It's a Mastercard® accepted worldwide

  • 2

    No Credit Check

  • 3

    Real time report in the Wing app

  • 4

    Nationwide cash in points

  • 5

    Fast, secure, and convenient

How to Use
the Card

Enjoy a fun-filled shopping spree experience, purchase movie tickets, book tickets and hotels online, and be in total control of your business transactions. Experience all these with just one swipe of your physical Wing Mastercard.

Wing Mastercard

Service Fees

Type of Service Fees, Charges & Frequency
Issuance Fee Free
Duration of Expiry 5 years
Annual Maintenance $6
Cash Withdrawal at other banks's ATM - per txn 2% of amount withdrawn, min $5
Online Purchase - per txn Free
Purchase/Cash Withdrawal in non-USD - per txn 2.5% for currency conversion
Transaction Decline at Wing's ATM - per txn Free


Type of Service Fees, Charges & Frequency
Transaction Decline at other bank's ATM/POS - per txn $0.40
Balance Inquiry at other bank's ATM/POS - per txn $0.50
Change Wing Mastercard PIN/ 3D secure code - per txn $0.10
Cash Withdrawal/ Purchase Limit - per day / per txn $1,000
Maximum Cash Withdrawal Transactions - per day Unlimited
Maximum Purchase Transaction - per day Unlimited

How to Renew Wing Mastercard

Once your Wing Mastercard becomes grey, it simply means your card is already expired. To renew your card, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in into your Wing Money App.
  2. Click on “My Account”.
  3. Click “Create Online Mastercard”.
  4. Fill in all required information and tick “I agree with Terms & Conditions”.
  5. Press “Issue Now”.

New Wing Mastercard creation is a self-served process with your current Wing Account on Wing Money App, you will get a new Wing Mastercard with a new card number.

Wing Mastercard