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Send Money

Money transfer to the Vietnam

Wing in partnership with Sacombank brings you the outbound transfer service from Wing. Business owner in Cambodia can now send money anytime anywhere through WingMoney mobile App.

Fee Charge:

AmountAccount to AccountCash Pick-upHome Delivery
$ 0.01-$ 500.00$3.00$4.00$5.00
$ 500.01-$ 1,000.00$5.00$6.00$10.00


Term and Conditions

How to Transfer


CurrencyBuy (in USD)Sell (in USD)
Vietnamese Dong23.65023.175

Want to send money now?

Kindly contact our Wing2World Support team

Call 023999989



  • 1

    Available to receive funds in both USD and VND. The USD feature for bank is available provided that the receiving account is in USD.

  • 2

    No fees on the receiving side

  • 3

    Send currency is based on your Wing Account source of fund. Direct conversion from your KHR Account

  • 4

    Available to receive on the same day