Wingers Volunteer to Donate Blood amid National Shortage

August 14, 2020

Wing hosted the ‘Save Life, Give Blood’ drive to celebrate 12 years of providing digital finance solutions in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh, August 12, 2020— Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank gave back to the community to celebrate its 12th anniversary by hosting an employee blood drive on August 12.

Wing’s “Save Life, Give Blood” campaign aims to address a shortage of blood donations amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Sok Po, director of the National Blood Transfusion Center, attributed the shortage to fears among donors that they may catch the virus while visiting donation centers.

“Blood donations dropped by 11 per cent during the first six months of 2020. Some patients urgently needed a blood transfusion, but their families were finding it hard to supply the correct blood type,” said Sok.

“I highly appreciate and value Wing’s support by encouraging staff to voluntarily donate blood which will certainly benefit many patients across Cambodia. This act demonstrates its commitment to helping society during this trying time. Wing not only helps people by improving their daily lives through financial services but is also a good role model for other companies,” added Sok.

On top of its revolutionary fund transfer services, a strong spirit of community service is embedded in Wing’s daily business operations; Wing agents and business partners consistently support social development and support programmes – the latest of which is the “Save Life, Give Blood” campaign.

“Blood donations are a safe and easy way for everyone to give back to the community during times of need. Every drop of blood provides hope to a life,” said Manu Rajan, CEO of Wing. “I am so grateful to our employees for their commitment to the community by donating to support patients in need of blood for treatment.”

“Being part of Wing is so much more than a job and we always encourage our team to do their part to change Cambodia for a better,” said Sheanghai Lao, Wing’s Director of Human Resources. “On top of our business operation, we aim to contribute more to the community in Cambodia through the spirit of volunteerism.”

Among the myriad of Wing employees to donate their blood was Youlen Phy, Associate Segment Marketing Manager at Wing. Youlen stressed that she was happy to spend a small part of her day to have her health examined before donating blood because it allowed her to help those in need.

Like other donors, Youlen was presented with a Volunteer Donation Card to recognize her support of the potentially life-saving cause.

“When I came to donate blood, I felt like I could help someone live. I am proud to be at Wing since I have opportunities to help my community. To those who are considering donating, please do not hesitate any longer. Be a part of something great and save a life or even three,” said Youlen.