WingMall Introduces E-Commerce platform for Users to Purchase Goods Securely

February 3, 2021

WingMall allows Wing App users to purchase goods conveniently, securely, instantly and at no extra cost

WingMall, an exciting new e-commerce platform, will make online purchases easier than ever by allowing users to buy thousands of products from hundreds of various retailers from the convenience of their home via the Wing Money App.

With just a few taps on their smartphone, purchases will be delivered instantly to the customers without the need to travel to stores or wait in long queues.

“Online shopping is an emerging trend in the Kingdom. We believe that WingMall has the opportunity to benefit each Cambodian because they will endure less stress during the shopping experience and by eliminating the need to travel, customers will enjoy ample time with families and at work,” said WingMall Chief Business Officer Saksham Shubham. “Our customers will not even need to visit physical retailers or use cash, with just a few taps, the product will be instantly delivered to their doorstep.”

All users need to do to place an order is open the Wing Money App, tap the “WingMall” option and browse hundreds of listed retailers to make their purchase.

To help its merchant partners revive their businesses during this difficult period and to coincide with WingMall’s official launch in Phnom Penh, customers will enjoy free delivery on WingMall for all orders.

Wing app users can earn WingPoints by purchasing goods and products in WingMall.WingPoints is the reward points-based loyalty program offered by Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank. As an added benefit, loyal WingPoints collectors will also be able to accrue on their purchases as usual and then redeem them with WingMall merchants. Loyal Wing Bank customers who earn more than 500 points each week through the WingMall will be eligible to enter a draw to win the new iPhone 12 Pro, while those who collect 5,000 WingPoints each month will have the opportunity to drive away in a brand new Honda Zoomer X scooter.

Customers will be able to track their orders, confirm delivery of goods on their smartphone and settle payments securely and quickly via the revolutionary Wing Money App. WingMall also encourages customer feedback on the merchant and delivery experience on every delivery to continuously improve the experience for the users.

Since its trial launch in October 2020, WingMall already has more than 1,000 popular merchants enrolled on its virtual market who are vending thousands of goods ranging from food, drinks, groceries, electronics, toys, beauty products and many other goods.

An additional 500 delivery personnel have also been added to the WingMall team to ensure that orders are processed and delivered quickly.

Individuals who are yet to sign up for Wing account are encouraged to download the Wing Money App. Wing Bank’s customers then can transfer funds directly from partner banks of Wing or participating banks to Bakong wallet. The customers may also deposit funds physically by visiting one of Wing’s 9,000 Wing Xpress Agents across the Kingdom nationwide.

WingMall was added to the Wing Money App’s suite of third-party products in its marketplace to help Cambodians make purchases safely amid the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also an easy way to support local merchants during the pandemic.

“Our goal is to empower smaller merchants with the platform and help them reach new customers, which is particularly important during the pandemic. We will not enforce exorbitant commissions on our partner merchants. Wing will charge them a simple and reasonable rate and in turn, allow them to access millions of Wing Money App users,” said Saksham.

WingMall is open to all Wing users and merchants across Phnom Penh for free. The groundwork is being laid to roll out the program to additional provinces throughout this year.

Interested merchants are encouraged to call +855 078 311 311 for inquiries or to register their businesses on WingMall.