Bill Payment

Pay a bill from your mobile phone.
Wing provides bill payment services to allow anyone to pay their bills easily through their mobile phones or via Wing’s agents nationwide. We have partnered with more than 65 billers including Utilities, Microfinance, Phone Distributors and more.

How to pay bills via Wing account:

How to pay a bill from your Wing account:
  1. Dial *989#,press send
  2. Enter "Wing account number", press send
  3. Enter "5. Bill Payment", press send
  4. Select the Company Type (i.e: select 2. Utilities for EDC Bill or Water Bills, Select 3. Finance for AEON bill, First Finance…etc), Press send
  5. Choose the Company’s Name (i.e EDC, AEON, first Finance, Manulife, Digi…etc), press send
  6. Enter Unique ID (i.e: invoice #, Customer ID, account Number…etc), press send
  7. Enter Amount to pay
  8. Enter "PIN", press Send
  9. Success.

You will receive an SMS notification for a successful bill payment.

How to pay bills at Wing Cash Xpress:

How to pay a bill at Wing Cash Xpress:
  1. Bring your bills or invoices to any nearest Wing Cash Xpress (WCX) outlet.
  2. Tell WCX that you want to pay the bills
  3. Write down your bill numbers/invoice numbers, amount, and your phone number
  4. Give money to Wing Cash Xpress (WCX)s
  5. Get the receipt from Wing Cash Xpress (WCX)
  6. Check your SMS (an SMS will be sent for transaction confirmation)