Pay with Wing

Merchant retail payments

Pay with Wing

Pay with Wing is one of Wing services that allow the clients to pay/buy something at many different business locations with a Wing account like restaurants, cinemas, clothes shops, and the like. Clients can pay through their mobile phone or just swipe/ tap their Wing card on Wing Terminal to get payment done quickly. All you need is a Wing account.

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Wing Pay
How to pay with Wing via the Wing App:
  1. Choose Pay with Wing
  2. Scan QR code or Enter Merchant Till Number
  3. Enter Amount
  4. Enter 4-digit PIN

How to Pay with Wing via USSD:
  1. Dial *989#
  2. Enter your Wing account number
  3. Choose 7.Pay with Wing
  4. Enter Merchant Till Number
  5. Enter Amount
  6. Enter your 4-digit PIN

How to Pay with Wing via Wing card:
  1. Tell the cashier/merchant that you want to pay (Wing card)
  2. Give card to merchant for tap or swipe on POS terminal
  3. If amount less than $10, you don’t need to enter your PIN
  4. If the amount is more than $10, you need to enter “PIN” on the POS terminal
  5. Get the receipt from Merchant
  6. An SMS will be sent to you for the transaction confirmation

  • No cash, no risk (lost/or stolen, counterfeit note)
  • Fast and secure payment
  • Pay via mobile phone or swipe the card