Transfer Money

Send money to friends and family around Cambodia.


(Account to Account)

Sending money to another WING account is the easiest and cheapest way of sending money in Cambodia.
The money is instantly transferred from the sender's account to the receiver's account. A receipt is sent by SMS to both sides, indicating the amount of money transferred, the transaction reference ID, and the new balance.

How to do Wing-2-Wing via your Phone:
  1. Dial *989#, press send
  2. Enter "Wing Account Number", press send
  3. Enter "2. WING-2-WING", press send
  4. Select "1. Enter Wing #", press send
  5. Enter "Receiver’s Wing Account #", press send
  6. Enter amount (USD/KHR), press send
  7. Enter "PIN", press send

When done, both sender and receiver will instantly receive a notification by SMS.

Wherever you are in Cambodia

Wing Wei Luy

(Account to Non-Account)

Sending money from Wing account to those without WING account is a convenient, cashless service, fast and secured way of sending money anytime, anywhere..
Withdraw your money in both Riel and US Dollar currencies at any of the 3,600 + Wing Cash Xpress outlets close to your home.

How to do Wing Wei Luy
  1. Dial *989#
  2. Enter your WING number xxxxxxxx
  3. Enter 4 [WING WEI LUY]
  4. Enter amount xxxx
  5. Enter Recipient Phone #
  6. Enter PIN xxxx
  7. Communicate your passcode to the receiver (by phone/SMS)

When done, the receiver will instantly be able to withdraw at any Wing Cash Xpress.

Visit a Wing Cash Xpress

Wei Luy Xpress

(Non-Account to

For those who have no Wing account (Sender & Receiver) can still transfer money easily at any of the 3,600+ Wing Cash Xpress nationwide
WCX Branding
  1. Go to the nearest Wing Cash Xpress (WCX) Outlets
  2. Tell the Wing Cash Xpress you want to transfer money
  3. Write down sender’s phone number, recipient’s phone number, and amount you want to transfer
  4. Give the money to Wing Cash Xpress
  5. Get receipt from Wing Cash Xpress
  6. Communicate the 8-digit code & the recipient phone number to the receiver to withdraw the money at any nearest Wing Cash Xpress outlet.

  1. Bring 8-digit code and recipient’s phone number to the nearest Wing Cash Xpress outlet.
  2. Tell the Wing Cash Xpress that you want to withdraw money. Please ensure you have your 8 digit code
  3. Write down sender’s phone number, recipient’s phone number, 8-digit code and amount
  4. Give the phone to the Wing Cash Xpress for verification
  5. Get the receipt and the money from Wing Cash Xpress and count it carefully before leaving
International Remittance

International Remittance

To make it easy for people living or working in abroad to send the money to their relatives and friends in Cambodia, Wing has partnered bank in Thailand, Korea, Malaysia and many other countries to enable any worker, employee or business people to transfer money directly to Wing or Non-Wing User.
Benefits to Clients:
  1. Fast and Convenient
  2. Competitive cost/fee
  3. Save time
  4. Secured

How to transfer money from Thailand to Cambodia:
  1. Get a Kasikorn bank account and mobile app
  2. Log in to mobile app
  3. Select “Transfer”
  4. Select “New” and then select “International Fund Transfer”.
  5. Enter Amount and Receiver’s Wing account number “XXXXXXXX”
  6. Click “Transfer” and “Confirm”
How to transfer money from Malaysia and Singapore to Cambodia
  1. Sender who is living in above 2 countries can find any partner from below list to send money to Cambodia
  2. Senders in Malaysia and Singapore can send money to Cambodia by two ways. Account-to-Account and Cash Pick Up (Send by code).
  3. Countries Partners
    Malaysia MaxMoney
    GPL Remittance
    Incentive Remit
    Unique Change
    Akbar Remittance
    Singapore GPL Remittance

More Countries will coming soon